Pre-Conference Workshops


Additional Learning Opportunities!

Consider adding on to your conference experience with a pre-conference workshop. The workshops have been selected to provide EWB-USA volunteers with extra skills to complete successful development projects. Pre-conference Workshops will be held on Thursday, October 5th onsite at the conference hotel (Hyatt Regency Milwaukee). Please note there is an extra cost associated with the workshops.

Workshop #1 – Project Delivery/Project Plan Workshop

Half day (8:00 am – 12:00 pm) –  $75

Workshop Instructors: Steve Crowe
Take a look at what formal Project Delivery is all about. Before thinking about a Project Management Plan, you must have a Project Plan.  Get an in depth look at how to develop Project Definitions and Scopes; Work Breakdown Structures and Project Schedules; a robust Quality Management Plan; a Project Budget; a Stakeholder Communication Plan and a Risk Register.  

Workshop #2 – ATC-20 Post Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings and ATC-45 Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Windstorms and Floods

Full day (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) – $35 (Reduced price made possible from an anonymous donor who would like to see more EWB-USA members and non-members equipped with this skill set!)

Workshop Instructor: Ed Huston
Are you required to make on-the-spot evaluations and decisions regarding continued use and occupancy of damaged buildings? Or would you like this to part of the services you can offer? Then this training on ATC-20 and ATC-45 documents is for you! The methodology provides procedures for rapid and detailed evaluations that result in posting them as INSPECTED (green placard), RESTRICTED USE (yellow placard), or UNSAFE (red placard). Also included are special procedures for evaluation of essential buildings (e.g., hospitals), evaluation procedures for nonstructural elements and geotechnical hazards, and limited guidance on human behavior following earthquakes. Rapid evaluations typically take 10-30 minutes per building and provide an initial general assessment of damage and safety, typically from the exterior of the building; the suggested personnel include building inspectors, civil and structural engineers, architects, and disaster workers. CAL OEAS Training will also be included. The target audience for this training includes building officials, engineers, architects, building owners, emergency managers, risk analysts, and other interested citizens and volunteers. As an additional value, this training is worth 8 Professional Development Hours (PDH’s).

Workshop #3 – Solar Pump Technology and Application

Half day (8:00 am – 12 pm) – $75

Workshop Instructor: Bob Reinmund
Solar pumps combine innovative and reliable technology to support operations on the ground. This half-day workshop provides an in-depth look at Grundfos solar pump technology. Attendees will learn what to consider and how to size solar pumps. An overview of different types of solar panels that work with solar pumps is included. Attendees will become better educated on basic panel wiring configurations (series and/or parallel configurations). Installation tips and troubleshooting will round out this informative workshop.

Workshop #4 – Solar Electricity in the International Development Context

Half day (1:00 pm – 5 pm) – $75

Workshop Instructors: Louis Woofenden
Ability for class participants to set solar panels outside or brightly lit (natural light) indoor area. Table space for every 2-3 participants of area say 2’X4′ so large table could have 2 teams.

Solar Electric Systems (afternoon session)
In this half-day workshop, participants will gain a solid understanding of the basics of solar electric systems in the developing world context, including several hands-on activities. Applications discussed will include solar lighting, solar water pumping, and household or facility electrical supply. Common challenges and failures will inform the design processes needed to successfully complete these projects in the field. Participants will find the workshop most useful if they have a basic understanding of electrical principles such as Ohm’s law and the power law, but a quick review of terminology will be presented.


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